15 Apr 2012

In photos: Wisley Airfield

I went out to Wisley Airfield last Sunday. Unfortunately the byways were mud pits and I had my mate Dan with me riding pillion. Not wanting to get my bike impounded, as Wisley Airfield is only open to walkers, I parked up and took a wander.

Absolutely surreal place—it was built during the second world war to test aircraft but closed in the early 70s. All the buildings have long been demolished and all that’s left are broad expanses of tarmac surrounded by rape and corn fields. There isn’t a lot left of the runway centreline and barriers have been erected to prevent aircraft from landing. All in all, a bit spooky—very quiet and tarmac as far as you can see.

Elm Lane: Near the entrance to Wisley Airfield

Wisley Airfield runway: Standing near the eroded runway centreline—barriers have been installed to prevent use by aircraft and road racers

Wisley Airfield runway: Looking to the west

Wisley Airfield: Rape fields north of the runway

Wisley Airfield: Concrete area where hangars once existed