F800GS bobs

Heidenau K60 Scout
From my first test ride I fell in love with the BMW F800GS. It’s definitely not what anyone would call pretty, but there is something to be said about function before form.

Its industrial design and somewhat agricultural engine have a certain charm and character that makes my previous Honda Hornet—an exceptional bike—feel over-engineered, clinical and almost souless in comparison.

Since I will be travelling a lot with the F800GS, I specced it generously and put some thought into a few extras.

  • 2012 BMW F800GS Trophy
  • Comfort Package (heated grips, ABS and main centre stand)
  • On-board computer
  • LED indicators
  • Anti-theft alarm system

BMW accessories


Shared with R1200GS:
Made by me:
  • Webbing tie-down straps with fixlock flap buckles for panniers

The dead list
  • TomTom Rider v2—peed out water somewhere in Belgium on 4 June 2012 after 6 hours of rainy motorway riding... although the windscreen stopped it being sprayed directly, it still ingested water... RIP TomTom
  • CANbus lead to Superseal connector to TomTom lead harness wrapped with rayon harness tape (no longer required)