28 Dec 2021

A new direction

I am no longer adding to this blog, following the difficult decision to stop motorbiking. 

I had been suffering worsening genetic hip dysplasia for years and finally had to accept that it was no longer safe to use my affected leg to keep a heavy bike up when stopped. In January 2021 I had a total hip replacement with a bespoke Symbios prosthesis and have made a full recovery following months of physiotherapy and focusing on my health and fitness with a personal trainer.

However, due to the number of motorbike thefts in London, insurance rates have become obscene—in the range of £2,000 per year for a GS, an absolute nonsense.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity of 10 years’ enjoyment on various bikes, and will consider getting another one in future if life takes me someplace where it is more practical and affordable to run.

In the meantime, I invite you to subscribe to my online magazine/portfolio featuring my writings and photography work—Distasteful Shroom.

I am grateful for your support over the years.