4 Aug 2012

In photos: Zūmo Rideout 2012

Ducati Aylesbury, Bucks

Having recently purchased a BMW Navigator IV (manufactured by Garmin) following the untimely drowning of my TomTom Rider, I received an email from Garmin tantalising me with the offer of a free bacon buttie and coffee if I joined the Garmin Zūmo Rideout—as well as a chance to win a trip to Africa or the just-released Zūmo 350LM GPS with winners of the draw to be announced by Long Way Round/Down host Charley Boorman.

The rideout was a choice of bronze (80 mile), silver (100 mile) or gold (135 mile) routes through the posh Cotswolds, so really there was no excuse not to go. It ended up being a fantastic day out, tainted only by a few unwelcome heavy showers—but I’d expect nothing less on our wet little island.

Ducati Aylesbury: Despite morning showers and ominous clouds, the place was hopping

Ducati Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire: The weather eventually cleared up... but for how long?

Charley Boorman: Special guest Charley Boorman—warm hearted and likeable chap who spent much of the morning speaking to people at the event before announcing winners of the Garmin Zūmo draw

A random road... to somewhere: Rain again just as the rideout started

Field access: Tempting... but the farmer would not be amused

‘The Great British Summer’: At least it was warm...

Bucks fields: Stunningly beautiful scenery

Rolling hills and gentle curves: Perfect country roads for motorbiking

Short break: Finally drying up with blue sky peaking through the clouds

Straw field: I’m not used to such uncomplicated views—absolutely gorgeous

Motorway pull-out: One last break before heading back to London