30 Sept 2014

The ‘water boxer’ family grows with new R1200R and R1200RS models

BMW today announced the new R1200R and R1200RS models which use the same 125hp boxer engine as the GS and RT models. The R version is a rather tasty naked bike and the RS a quite attractive, faired sport-touring version.

Unlike the GS and RT models, the R and RS skip the telelever front suspension, using a conventional fork set-up related to the S1000RR. Also of note is the use of a single radiator where the GS and RT use two tiny individual radiators (presumably to accommodate the telelever mount).

The R version borrows heavily from the design of the Concept Roadster shown last May, incorporating much of the detailing, but in a more toned down, mass production sort of way. Sadly, in doing so, it loses some of the litheness (and visual lightness) of the concept, but still (to my eyes) ends up a good looking bike.

Both bikes get the usual assortment of electronics familiar to the GS and RT, such as riding modes, stability control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, semi-active electronic suspension adjustment, keyless ride etc. The instrument panel consists of an analogue speedometer with a customisable TFT panel.

I have to say, I’m tempted to take a test ride once these appear at the dealership...

I won't regurgitate the press releases, so straight to the photos (from BMW Group PressClub Global website).

Concept Roadster
New R1200R
‘Basic’ R1200R
‘Style 1’ R1200R

‘Style 2’ R1200R
‘Basic’ R1200RS
‘Style 2’ R1200RS
Instruments (day mode)—standard configuration
Instruments (night mode)—standard configuration
Instruments—sport configuration
Instruments—minimalist configuration
R1200R with LED parking/daytime running light
R1200RS with panniers
Read the official press kit articles here:

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