26 May 2016

Hello again!

After parting with my F800GS and R1200GS I’m back in action!

I picked up my brand new R1200GS Adventure TE today in Ocean Blue matt. The TE comes with everything except the options of gear shift assist pro, factory alarm and keyless ride for around an extra £600, which I obviously had fitted.

Accessories include the full set of panniers, pannier bags, tank bag, secure oil cap, and Navigator V GPS. I also had a theft tracker installed which automatically contacts a call centre (and subsequently  provides the location of the bike to the police) if the bike is moved more than a few feet while the ignition is switched off. To come will be a cardan shaft crash protector and side stand foot enlarger. I’m also considering the Touratech crash bar extenders (pictured below) which provide more protection for the (no doubt expensive) aluminium fuel tank.

Due to an excruciatingly painful pinched nerve in my back, I only rode the bike 6 miles in London so I don’t have a lot to say quite yet—a bank holiday weekend is coming up and I intend to make the most of it so will have more to say soon.

First impressions—it is much more refined than my previous 1200. The taller suspension is softer and more fluid, the clutch engagement is gentler, the gearbox is in another league, the gear shift assist pro function is lighter, and even the new, tight engine feels a little bit smoother. It combines what I consider the best parts of my previous F800GS and R1200GS.

More soon!